[MUSE HD Guitar Cover] Supermassive Black Hole - Manson Red Glitter/Glitterati Replica

Posted: Jul 22, 2011

You probably came here for the Kaoss Solo: 2:45
TWITTER: Here is one of the best videos to check out my guitar, if you so desire. Put it in 720p and watch the glitter... haha. The red you see in the video is what it actually looks like, I know in my Uprising video it looks like pink. I remember when I first did the kaoss mod, this was the first song I covered. Well I've improve over the years, and I've decided to present a more complete, professional version. Hope you guys like it. Gear: Amp: Line 6 Spider III - Line 6 FBV 2 Channel Switcher
(Didn't have my FBV Shortboard at the time) - Manson Replica
- Digitech Whammy IV - Digitech Bad Monkey - ZVex Fuzz Factory (not used in this video)
- Kaoss Pad KP-2 - Home-made True-Bypass switcher