Doctor Who Action Figure Adventures- Rise of the Sea Devils Episode 2

Posted: Sep 4, 2011

The Doctor has been captured by a lone Sea Devil and taken to their underwater base. He is to be forced into reviving the entire Sea Devil race... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL INFORMATION- This is the single biggest episode in the series, coming in at 130MB. Originally, each single episode was about 1.50GB each, some coming in at 2GB. After I realised that uploading an episode about 2 GB big would take about 90 minutes, I decided that it wasn't worth it. I re-saved each story in widescreen format (except for 'The Revenge of Sutekh'). Luckily, this reduced the amount of space the episodes took up, but didn't affect the picture or sound quality. Apart from that, I have no other General Information on this story... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS TO PHILIP LAWRENCE AND THE ACTION FIGURE THEATRE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RETURN OF THE DALEKS IS THE SEASON FINALE- BE SURE TO TNE IN TOMORROW NIGHT FOR THE UPLOAD OF EPISODE 1. BECAUSE I WILL BE BACK AT SCHOOL, EPISODE 2 WILL BE UPLOADED ON SATURDAY. THEN, THE SEASON FINALE WILL BE UPLOADED THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY. AFTER'll have to wait for the space inbetween Christmas and Easter before you see the next figure adventure in the pipeline...'THE MASTER PLAN' For the story 'The Master Plan' and the subsequent stories, I decided to make longer stories. 'The Master Plan' is four parts, 'Cybernate' is three parts, 'The Wolves of Fenric' is four parts, 'The Power of Kulash' is five parts and 'The Corporation' is four parts. AFTER THAT- Any stories after that will be uploaded during the summer most probably. I already have a few story ideas that I'll write down. I've also taken inspiration from 'dalekidea's' idea of a Doctor Who Action Figure Adventures movie. I have an idea myself for a 40+ minute movie. I've already written out the detailed plan. The plan consists of 4 pages and I'm hoping for about 10 minutes a page. But we'll just see what happens with the script... Unfortunately, I can't give you any more information regarding monsters etc. You'll just have to wait and see...