Minecraft Daily 05/03/12 (209) - Adventure Multiplex! Interactive Quiz! JC on The Shaft!

Posted: Mar 6, 2012

I'm on my favourite show "The Shaft" this week, go and watch! ^_^ QOTD: Suggestions for future QOTDs? Let us know in the comments! VOTE FOR: Slime Vs. Silverfish Thumbs up one of the first 2 comments from me on this video to vote! ~ Today's Links ~ MINECRAFT QUIZ! (Interactive Video!) NEW MAP: The Adventure Multiplex. Over 15 Hours of Gameplay! Minecraft Review - Adventure Multiplex [Minecraft] Automated Street Lights Tutorial Minecraft 2 Trailer Slamacow Short - "Wallet" Link to the Shaft episode with me again incase you forgot ;) Minecraft Noobs pt. 1 & 2 by ~AvannTeth My Twitter ~ Credits ~ Introduction made by MrMadMinecraft Creeper Shirt (when worn) Donated (via J!NX code) by GoalrexVideoGames Show Intro and Outro music is "Dropping out of School" by Brad Sucks @ General Background Music is "Piano 2" by C418 from the MINECRAFT OST