Liberty DeVitto - "The Fun(k) Club: A Taste Of Money"

Posted: Dec 14, 2011

Visit "Billy Joel: Completely Retold" on Facebook! Released in November of 2000, Billy Joel Drummer LIBERTY DEVITTO recorded this CD with his new band The Fun(k) Club. Be sure to check out Lib's new book: "I Used To Play Drums CD Tracks 1. A Taste of Money 2. Led Astray 3. 38 Graymont 4. Luigi, Luigi 5. Insomniac 6. Danin' With Mr. Boomer 7. Sunday Manbo 8. Tea for Three 9. Hush, Hush Miss Betty 10. Handball 11. (Everybody Wants) a Piece of My Mary 12. New York Underground 13. Datizda Mayor of Drunk Town 14. Candy Apple Strut 15. Come to the Club - Vocal- Kayonne Riley