Crockett's Theme - Rebel Sole's Rum & Coke Acid Mix

Posted: Dec 13, 2011

Written by Jan Hammer
Performed by Rebel Sole. I will never forget Friday nights watching Miami Vice. I was a bit young and not really supposed to be viewing the show, yet it was too cool to miss. Where else could I see drug lords and undercover cops, drive around in expensive cars, set the latest fashions and gun each other down? And I could see it each week. While much of the story went over my head at the time. It was probably for the best. Not just for the obvious reasons, for the show's steep decline in story (I'm looking at you amnesia episode). Putting movie quality programming on TV is not an easy task after all. This song has been pretty well engrained in me as well outside the show. It was one of the first songs I encounter when I was learning to produce music and it sits at the corner stone of my true love of ambient and electronic music that exists today. This version came to be when I was digging up old TV themes and came across Miami Vice. The memories came surging back through my synapses and next thing you know I was working on my own version of this song. I hope you enjoy it!