Truman American Experience Part 1 of 2

Posted: Jun 6, 2011

Notice 6/7/2011 - My upload times are restricted to 15 minutes (or less? I haven't tried) because I lost a "Fair Use" dispute. I am not able to fund lawsuits, not yet anyway. So if anyone wants to see the rest of this film, you can search google and select videos (not 'everything') and you should find a 360P streaming option on . There is also a Roosevelt film from the same period (production time I mean). I will also think about putting segments up if I get feedback from anyone who wants to watch it here maybe as the only way to sync your iPod for offline viewing. The ability to engage in discussions is the key reason I chose this channel. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks, Chris Harry S Truman was a president unlike all others. It really blew me away the first time I went back to look at the United States "sins of the Cold War" to find this extraordinary man with a claim to the moral high road unlike any you could imagine. His path to office alone makes you realize that you can't compare him to any other president. It is as though fate or God (I always address Americans collectively) had determined that from the time of the completion of the Manhattan Project, there needed to be a leader on the world stage who could be judged as beyond reproach. That is what the world got as the nuclear age began. Read those words and contemplate my thesis as you watch the movie. It will help make the early boring stages more bearable. Unless you already know very well the story of Harry Truman, you simply won't look at the Cold War the same after viewing this movie. Note that I lost a few films on the Fair Use determination (which is probably fully automated, unfortunately) and this film may have to be taken down as well, please do not wait to watch - you might be too late.