Fly Fishing News Video and Song | Public Service Warning F.P.I and Trout

Posted: Nov 7, 2011

Fly Fishing Psychological Impulsivity or F.P.I. is a very serious problem: A Public Service Warning Fly Fishing Video and Song. Please share immediately! Yes. Even the thinly populated, beautiful town of Dubois, Wyoming is infected. Fly fishing for trout here is so good, many who have cast a line with us just keep coming back. It's crazy! Fly Fishing Psychological Impulsivity or F.P.I. is seemingly everywhere. Our pro fly fishing outfitters and guides here in Dubois have admitted to having F.P.I. Bradley Marlow of Marlow's Fly Shop obviously has it it too or he wouldn't be obsessing over irregular hair lengths in the flies. Jeramie P and Tim have it or they wouldn't be freezing their butts off fly fishing in sub-zero temps. Dennis has it. Larry has it. Tim and Ken have it. Leon and Nate B definitely have it. Obviously my Dad has it too. (sigh) Please help us get this Fly Fishing News Video - Public Service Warning out. Won't you? We appreciate your help. Thank you. Come fly fishing with us! Marlows Fly Shop and Dubois WY Starring in the Videos and/or Images: John M, Dennis K, Larry L, Jeremie P , Ken M, Tim, Nat B, Leon S, Jill J, Scotty U and Bradley Marlow Our Special Song: Fly Fishing Psychological Impulsivity "F.P.I" composed exclusively for and Marlow's Fly Shop by Ryan Pillng. Look for justryan over at to get your own, unique song. Filmed and photographed entirely in and around fabulous Dubois, WY, on the Wind River, up at Wiggins Fork, next to Horse Creek, along Warm Springs, at Pelham Lake, the Snake River and other fantastic fly fishing locations out here. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 2010-2011, by Bradley Marlow. Edited by Bradley Marlow Special Thanks and more Image Credits: to Jeramie Prine and his Crew at Dunior Fishing Adventures. Several images featured towards the end of this fly fishing video were taken by Jeramie Prine. Be sure to check him out at: Dunoir Fishing Adventures, LLC 1405 Goodrich Drive Lander, WY 82520 Phone: (307) 349 - 3331 Additional Image credits: Royalty free images purchased from "No Fishing Beyond This Point". Other RF Images from stock.xchng logo is copyright Big Sprout Productions, LLC and Marlow's Fly Shop