Network Marketing Blog- 4 Crucial Steps To Generate Leads With A Network Marketing Blog.

Posted: Apr 26, 2013

Network Marketing Blog- How To Monetize Traffic And Generate Leads With Your Blog. Watch this video to see the steps to getting more leads from your network marketing blog.
httpvhd:// #1 Step In Getting Leads From Your Blog. This step most networkers miss, they do not create content that is designed towards their target market. In order to get people to your blog you need to first target your target market. Second write content that provides solutions to a problem that target market is having. Entrepreneurs are in the business and make money by solving problems. All of your content should be about reducing pain and providing the relief. Another mistake made is by not doing keyword research. To get leads you must drive traffic and people must be able to find your content. If you know what your target market is searching for, you can then tap into that keyword and drive traffic to generate leads. #2 Using A Call Of Action To Generate Leads On Your Blog. I see great blog posts out there but I see one thing that is missing that is killing lead flow. That is not having a call to action. Why are you using a network marketing blog in the first place? To generate leads right? You should be posting on purpose to generate leads. You create content that drives traffic, then you generate leads by a call to action. Underneath the end of your article you always want to include a compelling call to action. Here is an example of a call to action. Struggling To Get MLM Leads? Click Here To View A Shocking Video That Reveals How To Generate 30 Free Leads Per Day. #3 Using Contact Forms In Your Blog To Get Leads. Contact forms are a great way to generate leads on your blog. Your contact form should always be useful information that your prospect could use. Ray Higdon says to create a offer for your prospects that will wake them up in the middle of the night because they have to have it! Give away free training, a ebook, an audio file, or a free training video. Your offer has to be something that is of value to the prospect to give up their email address. Put yourself in the shoes of the prospect, what has been helpful to you in building your business? #4 Super Sneaky Way To Get More MLM Leads On Your Blog. This has to be one of the coolest ways to get leads on your blog. . I use a pop up on my blog to generate targeted leads whenever someone comes to my blog. A pop up is a screen that pops up anytime someone visits your blog and has a offer that your prospect just cannot refuse. I started recently using a pop up that allows me to use my capture pages as a pop up and I customize which one I use for my particular posts. I am using WP Super Pop Up Pro and I love it. The key to marketing is having a similar offer to what your writing content about. If your writing about Facebook, then have an offer related to using Facebook. Obviously those people are looking for that type of information. A Blog Is A Must To Build Your Brand Online. A Network marketing blog is essential to anyone looking to build their business online. It gives your personality and makes you stand out from the millions of networkers online promoting the same boring company replicated websites. If you learn how to drive traffic to your blog and generate leads you will have amazing success. I know so many networkers who are having tremendous success just by blogging. That is why I am so consistent in blogging and make it a daily habit. Time Stamps:
How To Find Your Target Market- 1:35 Creating Keywords And Content For Your Network Marketing Blog- 2:17 Using A Call To Action- 3:45 Using A Contact Form- 5:41 Using A Pop Up For Your Network Marketing Blog- 6:36 Network Marketing Blog Overview- 10:55