Break the Bank | Jack Barry's premiere, pt. 1

Posted: Jul 25, 2011

After ABC prematurely pulled the plug on Break the Bank to make room for longer soap operas, it returned in syndication hosted by its creator, Jack Barry. The celebrities in this game are Clifton Davis, Elena Verdugo, Jaye P. Morgan, William Conrad, Joey Bishop, Anson Williams, Barbara Eden, Hermione Baddeley, and Pat Morita. Contestants are Debbie Seymour and Jeffrey Hatcher. The way the game is played is just about like ABC version: the 3 denominations ($100, $300 and $500 in this version) are touching each other, and there are 5 blanks and money bags, scattered along the board. The other space, a WILD card can be anywhere and can be substituted for anything. Get three of a denomination, you win triple the amount. Get a blank, you lose your turn. Get 3 money bags, and you break the bank and win $10,000 in cash and prizes, even a car. Whoever wins the most games or is the first to break the bank will play the bonus game at the end of the show The complete first game is played here (c) 1977 Jack Barry/Dan Enright Productions. All copyrights of the show are herein acknowledged, no challenge is implied. All episodes are posted for non-profit, entertainment purposes only, and to help keep the memories of Jack Barry and Dan Enright alive