Mike Love- "No Regrets"- original music on ukulele!

Posted: Jun 30, 2012

https://theukulelesite.com - Mike has new songs every time I see him, and they're always a musical and thought provoking experience.This one is extra special because it is the first written by him on the uke. Seems like a natural combo. He's playing a Ko'olau T100 Ash. We do our setups/shipping and photo/video on the second and third level of Ko'olau's warehouse so we are always happy to walk down the stairs and get one for the store and TheUkuleleSite. Mike stopped by on his way up to Haleiwa to check on a custom guitar Noa is building for him. It's got milo sides and back..gonna be cool. In the mean time Mike's gigging guitar has become the 4-O Pono Cedar-Acacia. BTW, He's really gonna blow you away with his upcoming solo album. Guaranteed! Join our channel and stay tuned for more cool stuff. Thanks for watching, Aloha!