Celebrity House Hunting - Andy Dick - My Shed

Posted: Mar 20, 2012

Andy Dick shows off his shed. After two years of living in a makeshift shed in the back yard of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Lina, Andy Dick is ready to move his family into a house fit for them all. Although he previously traded in his wild and glamorous Hollywood digs for a life of family and sobriety and sentenced himself to the doghouse for previous behavior, Andy Dick now feels it's time for him to move back into the house. With their realtor, Simon, Andy and Lina search the Los Angeles area for family home that mixes Lina's warm, nurturing nature and Andy's modern flare while giving the family lots of privacy. The first home, a $3.45 million Malibu estate offers the modern feel Andy loves and views of the ocean for Lina, but Malibu might not be the best fit for their family. The second home is a Mediterranean wonder in the family's native Topanga Canyon. The high ceilings, spacious rooms, and beautiful scenery kick this home to the top of their list, but when Simon takes Andy and Lina to a custom home in Brentwood, Andy's artistic side threatens his family man sensibilities. After talking it over, Lina and the family win out and they choose the Mediterranean home in beautiful Topanga Canyon. Big personalities searching for over-the-top real estate - it's "Celebrity House Hunting." Each week we go shopping for must-have, "staying ahead of the Joneses" properties with celebrity couples in search of a more fabulous home. We start at the celebrities' existing house for a quick walk-through to learn why they need to move. And then it's off to the hunt. As they walk through each of three incredible houses, they'll dish about the pros and cons while they decide which one fits their tastes. Watch Full Episodes of "Celebrity House Hunting" here: