Detroit Red Wings Old FOX 50 WKBD Opening....

Posted: Jun 18, 2009

Im not sure if this has been posted before so I will. Anyway a old opening for red wings games that they used. Much better then the shark one. I remember back in the day people seemed to think it was great, even don cherry was complimenting it. But it looked really corny I think. Oh well.... On a random note emo note... Its always funny watching old games. As on a personal pessimistic note I think back about being younger and watching hockey that kinda stuff. Dont think about real life stuff like getting sick and stuff. And I say that because I always wonder much like myself who never would have imagined I would go from being a model to now 6 years of disability. Theres Mickey Redmond who well of course is looking younger back then. And he later on now has had his problems health wise on and off. Just weird I guess... I guess no one expects to get sick. Oh well enough emoness I guess.... Also its kinda strange seeing Karen Newman... I wonder if any of the red wings ever had any extra circulatory activities with her... lol its often said she is the best anthem singer(or it was.. not sure about now.)... But maybe thats just cuz she was the hottest... Alas I digress. Now back to watching this chevy doppelganger or whoever did this opening.... And sorry for low sound.. Not sure whats wrong... but my capture card doesnt seem to capture the audio very well.... *rubs chin*