Culture Club - Time (clock of the heart)1982

Posted: Feb 26, 2011

Top quality video recorded live in the studio from Top Of The Pops 1982. Culture Club are a British pop band formed in the early 1980s. Classified as New Romantic, Culture Club combined British New Wave and American soul with some Jamaican reggae and also other styles as calypso, salsa and country. The band consisted of Boy George (lead vocals), Mikey Craig (bass guitar), Roy Hay (guitar and keyboards) and Jon Moss (drums and percussion). They are associated with the Second British Invasion of British new wave groups that became popular in the United States due to the cable music channel MTV. From the time of the band's first album release in 1982 to its dissolution in 1986, Culture Club had amassed hits in numerous countries around the world, including ten Top 40 hits in the US, most of which went Top 10. They went on to have subsequent hits in the UK during a reunion period of 1998--2002, where they scored a No.4 single and a No.25 single. In 1981, Boy George occasionally sang with the group Bow Wow Wow under the stage name "Lieutenant Lush". However, his popularity in this role caused friction with the group's actual lead singer, Annabella Lwin. After his tenure with the group, George decided to start his own band and enlisted Mikey Craig. Next came Jon Moss, and finally Roy Hay. The band was named Culture Club. The group recorded demos, which were paid for by EMI Records, but the label was unimpressed and decided not to sign the group. Virgin Records heard the demos and signed the group in the UK, and Epic Records released their albums in the US as Virgin did not have a U.S. presence at the time. With their first album, Kissing to Be Clever (UK No.5, US No.14) (1982), the band released two singles in May and June of 1982, "White Boy" and "I'm Afraid of Me", both failed to make an impression on the charts. But in September of that year, the group released their third single "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", a reggae-influenced number, which became one of their biggest hits. The song went to No.1 in the UK in late 1982 and became an international smash, peaking at No.1 in over a dozen countries (No.2 US). With George's eccentric and androgynous look and long hair, the band's debut on Top of the Pops caused headlines such as "Wally of the week" and "Mr. (or is it Mrs.?) Weird" as the tabloids and magazines plastered him all over their covers. Pete Burns, lead singer of the new wave band Dead or Alive would later claim he was the first to wear braids, big hats, and colorful costumes, but George would cut back with a sharp-tongued remark, "It's not who did it first, it's who's seen in it first". The follow-up single "Time (Clock of the Heart)", featuring George's soulful vocals over an R&B groove, became another Top 10 hit in the US (No.2) and UK (No.3). "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" also became a Top Ten hit in the US (No.9) and in Canada. This gave Culture Club the distinction of being the first group since The Beatles to have three Top Ten hits from a debut album in America. Kissing to Be Clever has sold approximately three million copies worldwide, with 1.5 million of those in the US, and it propelled George to international stardom. The band's second album, Colour by Numbers (US No.2, UK No.1) was released in 1983. The first single "Church of the Poison Mind", featuring backing vocalist Helen Terry, reached the UK and US Top 10, continuing the group's success. The second single "Karma Chameleon" gave the band its biggest hit, peaking at No.1 in the UK (its second chart-topper there), where it sold 1.4 million copies to become the best-selling single of 1983 in that country. It also peaked at No.1 in the US for three consecutive weeks, and would ultimately hit No.1 in sixteen countries, thus becoming one of the top twenty best-selling singles of the 1980s. The album Colour by Numbers would spawn more hits including "Miss Me Blind" (US No.5), "It's a Miracle" (UK No.4, US No.13) and "Victims" (UK No.3), and sell four million copies in the US and another three million worldwide at its time of release. With that album, Culture Club was the first group in music history to have an album certified diamond in Canada (sales of one million copies in that country). The band also won the 1984 Grammy Award for Best New Artist, where George gave a speech via satellite stating, "Thanks America, you've got style, you've got taste, and you know a good drag queen when you see one." Boy George announced in January 27, 2011 to the BBC that there will be a 30th anniversary Culture Club reunion tour sometime later in the year and that they would be releasing a new album in 2012. Please visit my other Channel. Keep Rockin!.