Freeway Ricky Ross - A Pawn in the CIA's Drug Game

Posted: Jun 3, 2008

American Drug War - The Last White Hope

a film by Kevin Booth

John O'Neill Project

Part 15: The Mother of All Conspiracies - The Global Drug Trade

In this project, I will post supporting documentation for all of the

points made in the movie, Who Killed John O'Neill. Below is a list of all

of the clips from that movie with all of the parts from Part 15: The

Mother of All Conspiracies - The Global Drug Trade. For Part 15, I used

the 2007 Documentary by Kevin Booth, American Drug War - The Last White

Hope. One can conclude from this documentary that the quagmire known as

the War on Drugs has only created more problems than solutions, more

addiction than recovery, and more drugs and gangs in society. I am so

outraged about the drug war, that I am willing to devote my entire life to

fighting it. So if there is someone out there that needs a soldier in the

war against the war on drugs, contact me.

A note about the titles in this series: I tried to maintain a system of

naming clips according to their individual points made. If I failed to do

so, it is only because the inconclussive nature of taking a clip out of

the context of the entire film, and I appologize.

01 who was john o'neil
02 CIA Created Islamic Fundamentalism
03 Al Qaeda was an Intelligence Ops from the Start
04 ISI + CIA = The Death of Daniel Pearl
05 In a Post 911 World - You Cannot Trust Anybody
06 Wasting your Life with these Conspiracy Theories
07 Further Investigation into 911 is Required
08 Controlled Demolition Inc & Building 7 Insider Trading Offices
09 911 was Allowed to Happen
10 Terrorism in the USA: A Brief History
11 What is a PsyOp?
12 Kroll is CIA - Privatized Intelligence
13 Marvin Bush, Securacom, and Kroll Ops
14 Terrorism Pundi ts May Very Well be the Terrorists Themselves

15 The Mother of All Conspiracies - The Global Drug Trade pt1
16 The Mother of All Conspiracies - The Global Drug Trade pt2

01 Intro American Drug War - The Last White Hope
02 Brief Overview of Nixon's Drug War
03 Legal Drugs vs. Illegal Drugs 1 of 4
04 Nixon's Drug Schedule - Mariuana Same as Heroin
05 Prohibition Creates Gangs
06 Crack Marketing, Racism, and Freeway Ricky Ross
07 Chasing the Rock - The Money and the "Bell Ringer"
08 Meth - Epidemic Result of Prohibition
09 Sheriff Joe Arpaio - The Fascist Face of the Drug War
10 Meth - Moonshine of the War on Drugs
11 Legalize All Drugs or Live in a Police State
12 Privatized Prisons and Prison Labor IS Slavery
13 Tommy Chong 'Prison Labor is Slavery'
14 Tulia TX's Racist Drug Raid for Drug War Dollars
15 Sherm...Meth...Pot - Gov Says they're all the Same
16 Drug Money Funds Terror, What about Oil
17 Iran Contra - Proof Positive of where the Coke comes From
18 Freeway Ricky Ross - A Pawn in the CIA's Drug Game
19 Ethnic Cleansing in the Greater Los Angeles Area
20 Conspiracy Theories? No, Conspiracy Realities
21 Barry McCaffrey Locked up Millions of your Children for Pot
22 Drug War Economics and how it Keeps Corruption in Power
23 Drug War Result - More Drugs, Especially Heroin
24 War on Terror Result - More Heroin than Ever Worldwide
25 US Gov Addicted to Drug Money
26 Legal Drugs vs. Illegal Drugs 2 of 4
27 Medical Marijuana Please, I Don't Want to Pop Pills
28 Feds & Big Business vs. Medical Marijuana
29 People Just Want to Get High - Quit Arresting Pot Smokers NOW
30 What About Amsterdam - How Bad is Their Drug Problem
31 Legal Drugs vs. Illegal Drugs 3 of 4
32 Ritualistic Drugs - Legalize these Medicines and Sacriments
33 Legal Drugs vs. Illegal Drugs 4 of 4
34 Iran Contra Figures in the Bush Administration
35 The Drug War is the Last White Hope
36 Decriminalize Drugs & Shut Down the Machine - A Revolution is Required
37 War on Terror, War on Drugs, No, War on You and I
38 Drug Czar is Dillusional, The War Rages On - Conclusion
39 Credits for American Drug War - Msg's To Freeway Ricky Ross

17 CFR to AIG to CIA - Financing Terrorism
18 CIA - Hooked on Selling Drugs
19 Mohammed Atta and the New Drug Cartel (The Base)
20 Mohammed Atta Snorts the Cocaine
21 Federal Re$erve = Corporate Fundamentalism
22 Sheeple Wants to Believe