After MASH opening credits

Posted: Jan 30, 2009

Here are all the opening credits for the short lived spin-off "After MASH". The series starred Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, and William Christopher who all worked at a stateside Veterans hospital after the Korean war. Many of MASHs behind the scenes crew were involved in this spinoff. Gary Burghoff appeared as Radar in one episode (a promo of which is featured as part of this clip) and Edward Winter returned in a season two episode as Col. Flagg. Burghoff would star in the ill-conceived pilot W*A*L*T*E*R which was dumped on the air in the summer of 1984 between the two seasons of After MASH.

There were some good moments and while it finished somewhat strong in the ratings after the first season, things quickly spun out of control as After MASH entered it's second season. There were cast changes and a 'to be continued' story arc that followed the plight of Klinger who was in trouble yet again. The 'theme' as you will see in this clip, was given a more contemporary feel, perhaps to compete with comedy/drama shows like St. Elsewhere which were popular at that time. With the show trapped in a 1950's setting, things lost direction very soon. The cast (what was left) and crew of MASH had said all they needed to say. The show was canceled by CBS and two remaining episodes were never aired. The series has never been seen in syndication to our knowledge.

Surprisingly, with only 32 episodes this show has three different opening title sequences!! All three of them are featured here along with two episode promos.