QRK 12C & Russco Cue-Master broadcast turntables

Posted: May 2, 2012

Here is a QRK 12C and a Russco Cue-Master broadcast turntable. These models were made from the early '60's until the early '90's and were in almost all radio stations until the CD and other digital formats became popular. Back then, music was obtained from records and most stations had at least two turntables in the studio. One for playing the first record and the next record would be cued up on the 2nd turntable. Back then, there was no computer, no satellite feed, etc. There was a real live person who was the DJ and he/she had to know what they were doing. The QRK turntable probably dates from the '60's and has a Gray Research/Micro-Trak 303 wooden tonearm on it. This was a very popular broadcast tonearm during the '70's and '80's. When this TT was new, it probably had one of the big metal Gray Research tonearms on it. The Russco is probably from the '70's and it had a busted Micro-Trak 303 tonearm on it when I got it. I managed to find this Japanese tonearm to replace it with. I believe this tonearm was marketed under the Syntec, Piezo, and Sparta brands. Most broadcast turntables came without tonearms and it was up to the station engineer to decide which tonearm to use.