Smallville Cast Then And Now 2001-2013

Posted: Feb 18, 2013

since tom welling has come back to acting i decided to make a video showing how the cast of smallville have changed from over 12 years ago when the series that lasted for 10 years began.
cast are as follow
tom welling / clark kent - superman michael rosenbaum / lex luthor
kristen kreuk / lana lang
erica durance / lois lane
laura vandervoort / kara kent - supergirl
allison mack / chloe sullivan
sam jones III / pete ross
john glover / lionel luthor
john schneider / johnathan kent
annette o'toole / marther kent
eric johnson / whitney fordman
cassidy freeman / tess mercer justin hartley / oliver queen - green arrow
aaron ashmore / jimmy olsen tom welling is now going to be in a movie about JFK called "parkland" which is his first project hes done since smallville ended in 2011, since its ended tom has been seen spending alot of his time playing golf.
allison mack's main project is "wilfred" which she stars alongside elija wood "frodo from lord of the rings"
kristen kreuk is now in a brand new tv show which is one of the highest rated shows on TV now "beauty and the beast" Show you'r love for smallville and please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCIRBE