The Love Boat "Gopher the Rebel" Starring Eve Plumb and Don Porter

Posted: Nov 6, 2010

These clips come from The Love Boat, Season 1 Episode 25 which originally aired on May 20, 1978, featuring Eve Plumb. Eve plays the role of Vanessa Summerhill, a college student who's strict and stubborn father takes her on the cruise to get reacquainted. Meanwhile, the crew members have a fifty-dollar bet with Gopher (Yeoman Purser Burl Smith) that the Captain will give Gopher twenty orders by the end of the cruise. Gopher and Vanessa meet and start to have feelings for each other, but when Vanessa finds out that Captain Stubing is, in her mind, a demanding "Fascist", she encourages Gopher to speak his mind. As a result, he gets fired, but by the end of the cruise, Gopher gets his job back and Vanessa's father is a little more understanding of his daughter's feelings for Gopher.