Kristen Stewart Talks Breaking Dawn and Renesmee

Posted: Jan 31, 2010

- Fan Page! - Follow Us! Kristen Stewart talks Breaking Dawn and Renesmee. We've got the ClevverTV report up next. Hello hello Clevver friends. Joslyn Davis here in the Beverly Hills studio with the latest word on Breaking Dawn straight from Kristen Stewart. K-stew and Dakota Fanning were busy at the Sundance Film Festival promoting their new project "The Runaways," but it just makes sense that there would be a lot of questions from reporters about the Twilight saga since both ladies are in those films too. In an interview Kristen said that she doesn't know anything really about Breaking Dawn or whether or not it will be made into two films. But, lucky for fans, she knows that it will be made for sure. So at least that's settled. A lot of questions surrounding this film in particular stem from some of the more graphic depictions in Stephanie Meyer's book. When asked about Renesmee and what she thinks the character will be like, Kristen said that she hasn't seen a script and she knows she's not the only one really, really wondering how they'll handle that. But in her own opinion, Little Renesmee- "She's got to be cute. She can't just be this scary superhuman teeth baby!" Super funny, and completely true! How do you guys think writers will portray Renesmee and more importantly, what actor will play the half human/half vampire? Give us your predictions below.
And of course, stick with ClevverTV for constant Twilight saga updates. I'm Joslyn Davis- thanks for watching and see you next time!