Kim Suk Hoon and Kim Hyun Joo MBC drama award 2011 interview

Posted: Dec 31, 2011

English: Host: I have to pay special attention to this table because KSH is my peer. We go to bath together very often. Lady Host: So you two lay bare before each other and must have a special relationship. Host: yeah, he (SH) has an artistic and manly body...(SH was very shy and he pushed him away). When I see him I always ask him why he's still not married. You should take action quickly. Lady Host: The fans of KSH and KHJ always want to be a matchmaker for you two. Host: Miss Kim Hyun Joo has always been popular among men. Be honest, how do you feel if KSH be your groom? KHJ: Hummm...he's quite good. Host: If KSH proposes to you today, what will you do? KHJ: Is he going to propose to me today? (SH tried to compose himself.) Host: Haha...Today is a good day to propose! Host to KSH: What do you think about Miss KHJ today? KSH: I haven't seen her for a long while after the drama. Today is the first time I see her dress like this and it (the sight of her) makes my heart flutter. Host: Then you two singletons go to get married quickly! Lady Host to Samchoon: What is the charisma of KHJ? Samchoon: (seems afraid of saying the wrong thing. I see HJ was giving him signals) Hummmm...she is a very warm person.