John King Lies to Viewers

Posted: Apr 16, 2011

John King Lies to Viewers in a recent interview with Orly Taitz on CNN. John King incorrectly says the Certification of Live Birth is a Certificate of Live Birth-If it was it would be the long form. He claims another is on file at the Hawaii Health Department-but, no one seems to be able to find it. He says the birth was announced "a day or two after his birth", but, it did not appear until a full nine days later. He also claims the newspapers got the information from the hospital-another false statement. He claims that Obama family members say that Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center-but, there are no living members of his family that would have first hand knowledge of that-his Kenyan family members say he was born in Kenya. He shows a large apartment building and says that's the address listed in the newspaper birth announcements-that too is a lie. He sits there and tells lie after lie. It is interesting to note that Govenor Neil Abercrombie could not find Obama's original birth certificate on file. In an effort to block for Obama, Hawaii is now stating that they will not issue a long form birth certificate to anyone. It is worth noting that Hawaii State Election Laws already require the state Democratic Party to certify that their candidates are eligible under the Constitution. The Democratic Party of Hawaii refused to certify Obama was eligible, so the State officials, contrary to State Law, accepted a statement from the DNC and Nancy Pelosi, and illegally placed his name on the ballot.