Posted: Dec 2, 2011

Today Supreme Court, under judge Ali Rustamov, heard the appeal filed by the citizen Sahib Karimov against Gandja Appeal Court's decision on his case. The appeal wasn't granted. In 1997, Karimov has bought a house a Samad vurgun Street, 246, in Shamkir city.He also went to the notary before he bought the house. After a while, he left his home together with his families and left for Russia for working. After returning back to his house in Shamkir, he saw there Morul wedding palace instead of his house. The citizen appealed to Shamkir Regional Court claiming that his house has been destroyed illegally, and his property rights have been violated as well as demanding compensation for the damage. (S.Karimov-sinchrone) On december 9th, 2010, at Shamkir Regional Court, Gafil Bakhshaliyev decided not to grant the appeal. Gandja Appeal Court also upheld Shamkir Regional Court's decision. The citizen said that as the person who demolished his house is being defended by one of the authoritative minister, the courts don't grant his appeal. During the proceeding at Supreme Court, Ziya Guliyev who defends Karimov's rights, claims that the decision of the court is unfair.