Rifaat Al-Assad Posters in Syria October-2007 NewTV

Posted: Dec 19, 2007

Posters of Dr Rifaat Al-Assad all over Syria"القائد عائد "calling for his return. صور وبوستيرات للدكتور رفعت الأسد مرفوعة في مختلف أنحاء سوريا The cities and villages withing Tartus and Latakia provinces witnessed the plastering of photos of the former Syrian Vice President, Rifaat Al Assad as well as written calling for him to return to his nation. Along with video footage, the pictures of Rifaat Al Assad, which were leaked as part of a recent campaign, were hung near huge pictures of the late Syrian President Hafez Al Assad. This shows Syrian police and military officers gathering at various crossings and roads, where the pictures were put up and later torn down and defaced. Ribal Al Assad, the son of Rifaat Al Assad, confirmed in a statement that this campaign will not end and will continue to escalate until democracy and freedom returns to Syria. He noted that as a result of this campaign, more than 45 people were arrested and remain under interrogation and continues to be tortured. Al Assad called on releasing them immediately, returning the power to all institutions in Syria and repairing the relationship between Syria and Lebanon in the interest of the peoples.