The Last Story - The Last Hurrah & An Old Enemy Returns - Episode 60

Posted: Apr 25, 2012

A large episode today with a lot of events taking place, with the party embroiled in finishing off the Reptid threat once and for all, it soon becomes apparent that something isn't right, something is controlling the Reptid threat.
As we break into the shrine room, instead of a reptid ringleader we come up against a purple, poisonous Kraken, whos fumes are driving the reptids insane, the party take arms again for their last hurrah. However Zael, Syrenne and Lowell still have unfinished business, stepping into the arena for its final season, we face off against Lazulis Islands & The Guraks armed forces, wanting to claim our title, busting through their lines until we come across an old foe controlling multiple giant beasts. However being who he is, we know he can't stay alive and well for long....