Inappropriate touching @ Geek fest; Armageddon Expo

Posted: Feb 28, 2011

I went to Armageddon Expo this weekend, well the first day anyway - watch to find out why I never made it to day 2... Their site is; Adelaide event upcoming real soon. Some special events within the expos include: • Voice acting workshop • Mela Lee, Magnolia Memoir Music concert • Live Wrestling • Amusement rides • Animation screening room • SEPARATE main stage areas to avoid sound issues • Pre-prepared timetables for Photo and Autograph times • Eating challenges • Cosplay Parade • Trans-Tasman Cosplay contest • Guests discussion panels • VIP exclusive discussion panels • And lots more "TV and Movie star Celebrity Guests DAVID HEWLETT -- Dr Rodney McKay in Stargate Atlantis LANCE HENRIKSEN -- star of the Alien films, Terminator, Millennium and much more! DAVID ANDERS -- star of Alias, Heroes and currently appearing on Vampire Diaries JOHN RHYS DAVIES -- Star of the Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones Films LAURA VANDERVOORT -- Kara Zor-El in Smallville and Lisa in V CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL -- major roles in Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary as well as appearances in Supernatural, Twilight New Moon and Smallville KAREN ALLEN -- Marion Ravenwood in Indiana Jones films PATRICIA TALLMAN -- Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5 RAINBOW SUN FRANCKS -- Lt Aiden Ford in Stargate Atlantis (ADELAIDE ONLY) COLIN CUNNINGHAM -- Major Paul Davis in Stargate SG1 HUDSON LEICK -- Callisto in Xena RYAN ROBBINS -- Henry Foss in Sanctuary JOHN DE LANCIE - Q in Star Trek the Next Generation (Fee applies for TV and Movie star celebrity guests autographs and photo sessions) International Comic creators ETHAN VAN SCIVER -- Artist Green Lantern and Flash Rebirth DAN SLOTT -- Writer Amazing Spiderman GAIL SIMONE -- Writer Secret Six and Birds of Prey NICOLA SCOTT -- Artist Teen Titans (Adelaide Only) Animation voice guests MICHAEL MCCONNOHIE -- Lich King in World of Warcraft as well as has appeared in over 170 English language dubs. MELODEE SPEVACK -- various anime roles in Fushigi Yugi, Digimon and Tenchi Nuyo PAUL EIDING -- Grandpa Max Tennyson in Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien MELA LEE - Yuki Cross in Vampire Knight and Rachel Alucard in Blaz Blu & Blaz Blu Continuum Shift KYLE HEBERT -- Teen Gohan in Dragonball Z and much more International Author ROBERT RANKIN - Prolific British humorous novelist of the 'Brentford' books "