Prospect Church OKC - Pastor Lee Cooper - Music by James Willis & NuPraze

Posted: Jun 30, 2009

PROSPECT CHURCH - PASTOR LEE E. COOPER, JR. - Music by James Willis & NuPraze (New Album coming soon) - Church Picnic and Freedom Faith Festival 2009..........Prospect Church now has a mid-morning service EVERY SUNDAY MORNING @ 9:30AM - Quail Springs Mall Theater....One Dynamic Church Family Two locations (1st location) 2809 N. Missouri & (2nd location) Quail Springs Mall Theater located at 2501 W. Memorial............Pastor Lee E. Cooper, Jr. is a dynamic minister with a cutting-edge direct message from God. He is passionate and excited to be able to share The Word with his congregation and the community. He feeds, leads, guides, nurtures, teaches and preaches 'The Word' of God. He not only talks the talk.but he walks the walk with God. He practices what he preaches and lives by example. He continues to make a difference in the community by taking the sanctuary to the street. Pastor Cooper is a humble servant, true believer and Christian leader that loves and serves the Lord..............Prospect Church is a place of worship where no one will look at you funny. We are a church family that is excited about 'The Word'. We teach and preach 'The Bible'. We will pray with and for you and your family. We are sincere about sharing the 'Word of God'. We walk by faith and are true believers of God's Salvation. We truly love God and we'll truly love you too.........Come Celebrate with us!!!!.......It's all about Worship!!!!!