Wing Chun - Chung Chi Example with Sifu Tom Chi

Posted: Mar 3, 2010

Even a Master with great kung fu can have major flaws. If he/she is "turning" literally, away from the centerline, it's B.S. to give any rationale other than ignorance. VT/WC should always face the centerline and use forward energy (chung chi). Here we see the standard karate and Shaolin upper body turns instead of facing properly with both hands available at all times. Turning off with VT is a FAIL technique. Don't let the "masters" fool you. With Sifu Tom Chi of the Catskills Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu School. We invite you to visit and learn and also to open your own school and make periodic visits to prep you for this and continue your learning process even if you can't be here for extended training times.