VIP S03E12 Val Squared (part 4/6)

Posted: Mar 17, 2011

VIP S03E12 Die Rückkehr der Bestie
VIP Season 3, Episode 12: Val Squared (FULL EPISODE)
Language: German
Original Air Date—3 February 2001
VIP is hired to protect Kai's dream man, hunky ecologist Dr. Bonzai, who invented a bacteria which eats oil spills. Val however prefers to accept a free spa visit with Maxine. But escaped villain Dr. Tina Stokes and her accomplice Angel recruit an ex-cop Val-lookalike and train her to take Val's place and infiltrate VIP after a make-over. The target is Diablo, a terrible concoction suitable for terrorist purposes, which Banzai's lab reproduced.