On Air with Ryan Seacrest: "Fifty Shades of Grey" Becca Battoe cast as Anastasia Steele

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

the book: ELLEN: Exactly.
RYAN: Well, good luck with you. 800-520-1027. Hey, Lisa Pico Rivera are you reading this?
LISA: Hi Ryan! Hi Ellen!
RYAN: Good morning!
LISA: I was so excited when I heard you talking about it (Fifty Shades of Grey) last week,
RYAN: Mmnnn..
LISA: ..because I've been dying to talk to somebody about it and none of my friends have read it yet..I'm on book three.
ELLEN: Oh ..Oh, why.. you are blazing through them.
LISA: Like in two days, I couldn't put it down.
ELLEN: so a question for both of you, Lisa and Ryan, what does 50 mean in the title?
RYAN: Ellen, well, I mean how,how much do you want to know?
Ellen: Well, I wanna know, I wan't, I wanna..
RYAN: You should..I think she should..It's a quick read, isn't it? I mean, you'll be through this in a..
LISA: Totally, you'll only read it in a day Ellen.
ELLEN: Okay, okay so..So his last name is Grey right? (Christian Grey)
LISA : Right.
ELLEN: So 50 shades of Grey.. (Fifty Shades of Grey)
RYAN: So he's a billionaire Ellen and there is this college student right? Who goes to interview the billionaire,(indistinct chatter Sam Botta..) handsome, powerful..and then you know all that stuff..
LISA: You can't talk about it..Because you'll end up telling the whole thing, coz you get, it's really..
ELLEN: Coz, that's just it..
RYAN: Well, let's just say, they end up going out for coffee, right? Alright..they do, they do..
LISA: (Laughing) ah hahaha..
ELLEN: Okay, here is a question for you Ryan, does he wear those jeans in the book or just the book on tape? (Laughing)
RYAN: (Laughing) I don't have the picture pages...ahmm..well Lisa, I'm glad you can count on your girlfriend Ryan here to ahhh..to be able to talk about the books we're reading..
LISA: I try, I read, I do it again out loud to my husband.
RYAN: And how does he feel? How are men reacting to their women or wives, their girlfriends reading this?
LISA: Ahmm..he is kinda' shakes his head and, and snickers but I'm looking curious and like I want him to listen (to the voice of Becca Battoe)
RYAN: Well, we should pay attention of this book, I'm telling you guys, reading assignment..pick this thing up, steal it from her bedside table, and you really don't care what she's reading unless it's this stuff, and then we're really interested and we want to know..we actually ..we're like..here's what guys would do, "Is it me? Is it something I am not doing for you?" (so get the audiobook for your significant other because he will be turned on by the voice of Becca Battoe, therefore he can learn what it is about Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James that attracts you)
ELLEN: Ohhhhh...
RYAN: Is that why you're reading this? Am I..Am I not stepping up to the plate enough for you, and that's why you're reading this book, "Fifty Shades of Grey"?
ELLEN: Ryan, do you have one of those leather craft things that they are talking about?
RYAN: I do not have one of those Ellen..Low's telling me tells Laura, go ahead you're on with this.
LAURA: Hi Ryan, Hi Ellen! RYAN and ELLEN: Hi!
LAURA: It's been quite since I talked to you guys, I totally love that book, I finished all three in like uhmm.. ten days.
RYAN: This is really for you..
LAURA: Yeah, I love it. Like I couldn't put it down, it's so good and it's not even about the whole sex thing. It's just a really good love story..I think.
RYAN: It's a great love story, It's a colorful love story.
ELLEN: What are the colors?
RYAN: It's Fifty Shades of Grey.(Laughing)
LAURA: Yeah, you have to read it Ellen..
RYAN: Laura ,Do you read ,with kids? LAURA: I do, I have two kids, and I read it on the digital ipod because first of all, I'm embarrassed to go anywhere and have the hard version with me so people see me reading it but also my kids will sit down next to me while I'm reading it and "oh what are you reading? what is it about.?
ELLEN: But did you hear Ryan, he left it on, on the, in his car, when the valet took his car..
LAURA: Yeah, It's fully embarrassing. My son was in the car this morning when you first start talking about it and he like started to question , hold on.. what's it about? I was on my way to drop him off
RYAN: What do you tell them when they say mom what are you reading?
LAURA: I just tell it's a love story, I say its about a boy and girl and they are falling in love.(laughing)
RYAN: I appreciate you listening to us Laura, it is a love story.
(woman's voice in the background)
"There is a knock on the door, my heart leaves into my mouth and I can't seem to find my voice, he opens the door anyway and strolls in, Holy hell, he's been working out, he's in grace but hands that hang and that weigh, ohh..his hips and A gracely loose t-shirt which was dark with sweat"
ELLEN: This guy hates fashion advice.
(woman's voice in the background)
RYAN: Just get the paperback.
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