Hywel Morgan 4 Seasons Bank Fishing

Posted: Jan 9, 2012

Join professional fly fisherman Hywel Morgan as he guides you through his most comprehensive guide to Stillwater Bank Fishing to date. Filmed throughout the year on some of the UK's most beautiful stillwaters, the programme is packed full of hints and tips to help you catch fish whatever month you choose to cast a line. As the seasons change so do the techniques, and Hywel explains each method in detail, while demonstrating how to use them effectively in the varying seasonal conditions. With clear animated graphics for each method, along with Hywel tying the flies vital for each cast, this is one programme that will not only improve your Stillwater bank fishing, but also develop your skills for successful fishing all year round. TO BUY YOUR COPY VISIT: HYWEL MORGAN: BEARLEFT.TV - AMAZON SHOP: EBAY SHOP: Find us on Facebook: Bearleft.tv & Hywel Morgan Fly Fishing Twitter: @BearleftCrew & @Hywelfishing