PAUL WHITEMAN ORCHESTRA, Frank Trumbauer's "Choo Choo," Columbia 2491-D (Potato Head)

Posted: Apr 22, 2012

Here is the last recording Whiteman made for Columbia, issued a year later on the final Potato Head label...backed with a non-Potato Head Ben Selvin!
Matrix 150791-4, New York September 10, 1930. Director - Paul Whiteman
Arranger - Frank Trumbauer
Trumpets - Nat Natoli, Harry Goldfield
Cornet - Andy Secrest
Trombones - Herb Winfield, Jack Fulton, Bill Rank
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax - Chester Hazlett
Alto Sax, Baritone - Charles Strickfaden
C-mel, Alto, Bassoon - Frank Trumbauer
Clarinet, Teno Sax - Fud Livingston
Violins - Kurt Dieterle, Mischa Russell, Matty Malneck
Piano - Roy Bargy
Banjo - Mike Pingitore
String Bass - Mike Trafficante
Drums - George Marsh
Moving images are from the films "Danger Lights," "Montana," and "Human Desire."