Tyler Perry does a "Good Deed" and shares his secret's to success!

Posted: Feb 15, 2012

Tyler Perry best known for his role as his self created character 'Madea', was on the red carpet, out of costume, and in a dapper suit & tie to promote his latest film "Good Deeds. Perry candidly spoke about his unique method of film-making and ability to produce television content in his personal Atlanta based studio faster than most Hollywood studios. He also went onto to say that he doesn't have an issue revealing his very own film-making techniques (that launched him to be one of the top 5 most wealthiest film-makers of the decade) to up and coming directors and aspiring film-makers. It's good to see Tyler giving back to his community directly by simply dropping a few jewels into the minds of future Tyler Perry's out there somewhere...I'd say that's a darn "Good Deed". article by Mike Melendy 'Good Deed's' In Theaters February 24, 21012 www.blacktree.tv