JULIA OTHMER - The First Day - 9/11 Memorial Official Video

Posted: Sep 8, 2011

The First Day - 9/11 Memorial by Julia Othmer Directed by Jena Serbu of Sweetbreadstudios With this video, we commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and hope to raise funds and awareness for grief & trauma counseling to combat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD affects millions including hundreds of thousands of veterans. If you enjoy this video, please consider donating funds to The National Veterans Foundation - www.nvf.org. "The First Day" was written as Julia's response to the intense emotions felt on the night of 9/11.  Othmer states, "This song has become a living memorial; a space for my fans and friends to share their experiences of grief and loss. Those stories have had a profound effect on my performance of the song and I want to honor their honesty and courage."  Othmer re-recorded "The First Day" with a world-class team of musicians including Grammy-nominated Alan Mirikitani, Johnny Griparic (Carole King, Slash), and Randy Mitchell (Warren Zevon, Donna Summers).   Thank you to everyone who made the project a success, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. VISUALLY FEATURING: Julia Othmer Shane Borth -- Violin Mike Kennedy -- Guitar Ryan Scott -- Boy Lea Scott -- Girl Arizona Cassidy -- woman in bedroom Andrea Havens -- Mother Keith Lerner -- Father Simone Makadia -- Comforter Courtney Alston -- Woman in Kitchen Cameron Munsen -- Father on Balcony Trey Bui -- Child in Window Tyrone Holt -- Man in Mirror MUSICIANS: Julia Othmer -- Vocals Piano Shane Borth -- Violin Johnny Griparic -- Bass Alan Mirikitani & Dawghouse Studios Lee Spath -- Drums and Percussion David Raven -- Drums and percussion Randy Mitchell -- Guitar Dragan Tanaskovic - Mastering FIRST DAY CREW: Jena Serbu - Director Dawn M. Smith -- Producer Julia Othmer - Producer Matt Joffe -- DP Phil Tartaglione -- Gaffer Tim Kemper -- Grip Sonic Kim -- Grip Rita Squitiere -- Art Direction / Costume Design Madison Rupert -- Make-up Jena Serbu -- Editor Cory Greiner -- Camera PA Melody Tash -- Camera PA Bill Grove -- Set Construction / Artist Jesse Hegney -- 2nd Camera / Set Construction / Opening Photo Credit David Maurio -- Special Effects Arizona Cassidy -- Craft Services Chris Arney - Script Supervisor John Desena - Storyboards Chris Galanti -- PA Jordan Stalsworth -- PA Zach Luneau -- PA Joe Aycox -- PA DONORS WHO HAVE MADE THIS POSSIBLE: Herb and Bonnie Buchbinder Mario Balbi Abdi Nazemian Alex Chambers Allison Lindemann Amy Dusch Angela Gardner Barbara Lehrman Beth Wexler Betsy Salkind Bino Gopal Brandi Reichen Brea Bee Camilla Edberg Charles Pendleton Charles Porter Conner Hallock Crafty Stealth Dawn Ellis Drew Katzman ED Hose Ekkehard Othmer Emma Hallock Gabe DeArmond Gabe Turzo Gavin Hallock George and Melissa Stratts Glenna Haley Harvey Saferstein Hoagy Wing Hazel Stringham Holly Hutchko Iya Ritchie J. Philipp Othmer Jack and Karen Holland Sandra Fairon and Bruce Leak James Duncan Smith Jeannie Swafford Rhodes John Small Julia Lawson Karen Neuberg Kathleen Wilkinson Ken Smith Kim Shaw Konstantin Othmer Lauren Bamber Linda Yee Lisa Lukens Louis Grandrino Lynette Williams Mark A Dahl Mark Huffhines Mason Hallock Michael Tucci Miki Swarthout Onofrio & Renee deGennaro Oscar Torres Charisa Harmon Ricardo Barros Robin Robin Purcell Ron Torten RoseAnn Inzenga Sandra Fairon & Bruce Leak Sarah I.E. Monstah Shari Center Sieglinde C Othmer Stephen London Steve DeHart Susan Susan Hubbard Susan Lynch Killoran Tammy Parsons/ B-Vogue Salon Thomas E Jenkins Tim Michel Tony Lear Tony Romano Victoria Howard Young Sohn Jordan Stalsworth Aline Serbu & John Offner