Now You Know: Michelle Phan

Posted: Apr 19, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday to Michelle Phan and Happy Launch date to FAWN--the first online beauty, fashion, and lifestyle NETWORK catered to women! I knew fate would hopefully have us cross paths one day, but NEVER had I imagine it'd be at her launch/birthday, let alone as their red carpet correspondent! To finally sit down and interview Michelle was a complete honor as I've truly been inspired by what she has done not only in the makeup and beauty industry, but how she has changed the internet game to inspire an online generation of content developers. I was so inspired, I also found the courage to write one of my first blog posts on my new website (Thanks to Michelle for sharing on her page!): HUGE thanks to Cora De Jesus and Richard Frias for making this interview, red carpet, and event happen for me! And of course, to Andrew Rose for being my amazing cameraman EXTRAORDINAIRE and for filming and being so patient with me! First time shooting with the new 5D Mark 3 (for all the tech nerds like me out there!). Low light was AMAZING--no need for those candles (that got in the shot!) Also, thanks to the guys who offered us candles and cake throughout our interview :P To learn more about Michelle: To learn more about FAWN: Get at Andrew Rose for all your filming, producing, directing needs down in the L.A: Music by Inch Chua: And to follow me: PLEASE subscribe! Stay inspired Sunshines! Much love, Nicki