TV WORTH WATCHING: American Idol Top 24, George Clooney and Viola Davis Oscars Interview: ENTV

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

TV worth watching tonight, 'American Idol' picks the 'Top 24' contestants, '20/20' does 'Before They Were Famous' Oscars-Edition with George Clooney (The Descendants), Viola Davis (The Help) and Glen Close (Albert Nobbs). 'Happy Endings' lays the smack down and it's the 'Top Chef' season finale from Vancouver, BC. For the full story read Watch The YouReviewers Awards, Voted on and Presented by some of the Biggest Names on YouTube! Watch More Videos From Brian: Check Out Our New American Idol Show 'Idology' Every Week: Watch Our New Show 'Spoiler Alert!' with Surprise Celebrity Guests Every Week! Subscribe to ENTV! ‪