Dec.5,2011 Thailand 602 Phlps 103 BRAZIL agn Pkstan 370 join Astrlia: WORLD FLOOD Prophecy

Posted: Jan 14, 2011

DEC.5 Thailand - Bangkok Historcal Flood 602 Dead; $7B losses PHILIPPINES TYPHOON NESAT & NALGAE Aftermath 142 Dead/Missing; 400,000 evacuated; Electricity shut down; [How to Predict Accurately #1: - CHINA: Stk Mkt Closed, Businesses, Ferry, Schools, Courts - HONG KONG Shuts Down: Injuries, Evacuations, Flights Cancelled SEP 27: 100,000 Flee; US Embassy, Stk xchange clsd; Hospital fld; Flights cncld; Schls, Unversts clsd - CAMBODIA 158 Dd; 407,000 acrs SEP.26,2011 JAPAN TYPHOON LANDED: 1,000,000 to flee - 16 Dd/Msg SEP.20,2011 CHINA - 57 Dead, 12.3 Mill affected; 120,000 Hm destroyed, $2.7bln loss SEP.20,2011 PAKISTAN WORSENS - 370 Dead - 4 Mil Hmls - 1.1 Mln Hms - 7,000 ppl snake bites - Reportedly worse than 2010 JAPAN TALAS FLOOD - 100 Dead/Msg, Thsnds stranded - Worst Typhoon since 2004 - Record Rns, Lndslds - Bridges, Railways, Roads Destroyed Aug.30,2011: IRENE HURRICANE FLOOD - 44 Dead in 11 states - Rivers still rising in New Jersey - Broken Record rise of river since 1927 - Over 5 Million without Power - Dozens of Towns Cut Off - Drowning & Electrocution Common - At least 12 Whole Towns cut off New York, Vermont - Food & Water airlifted to cut off towns - Up to $10Billion damage VERMONT - 2/3 of State Under Water - Whole Towns Isolated - Rapidly Rising Water - Worst Natural Disaster since 1927 - Travelling in the state prohibited - Bridges Destroyed - Many Roads Washed Away - Many Houses Destroyed - Dams damaged Thailand 31; Pakistan 30; Kenya 9; Typhoon Mufia flooded Korea, Japan; Storm 'Emily' Dominican Republic & Haiti 4 China 54; S&N. Korea 89; Philippines 70; Sudan 12; Brazil 10 more Dead; Haiti 25; Nigeria 54; MISSISSIPPI FLOOD: Several Barges sink One Death, Gov. House inundated; Bayou country; New Orleans at risk; Relief gate opened; 8,000 sq km farmland will be flooded elsewhere; Trailer Park inundated with 150 houses, 800 residents evacuated; River overflow Century Old Levee; 12,000 more Acres of Corn, Soya Bean Destroyed; 58.48 ft Record above 58.04 in 1937; 3 Million Framland Acres; Snakes, Dares, Electric Currents, sewage, Chemicals; many building submerged, Water lap downtown MEMPHIS; Added Tourism site; 1,400 Houses Evacuated; Water level higher than great flood of 1927; Massive WALL OF WATER threatens near record FLOODING to the Gulf of Mexico; TRIBUTARIES flow in opposite direction; Residents FLEE; Many in SHELTERS; Deers, Pigs SWIM for safety; yacht Clubs, Casino Boats shut; KENTUCKY 250 Roads Closed; MISSOURI Levees Bombed; LOUSIANA Spillway to be opened; ARKANSAS Route rearranged; Major Floods, Tornado hit Southern USA ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI - 350 Dead 1,700 injured; BRAZIL 12; COLOMBIA 100; PHILLIPINES 40; THAILAND 53; CLARIFICATION: PROPHECIES ARE NOTED ONLY IN THE ACTUAL VIDEO, therefore unchangeable. Titles, descriptions, tags are operational info. and unfolding news, therefore adjustable Jan.15, 2010 'War Zone', STENCH, Everything submerged CONDEMNED, MISSING Dead; PM says 'MIND BOGGLING'; Most say 'SHOCKING', REBUILD 2+yrs, $30 BILLION loss; COAL gutted, RAILS & HIGHWAYS washed away; TASMANIA risk; SALVATION Saturday; Worldwide FAMINE & DEPRESSION WORSENS, BRISBANE, ST. GEORGE; TOWOOMBA; Over 30 FT High; FRANCE & GERMANY combined. Towns no ROAD, RAIL, AIR, risky SEWAGE, CROCODILES, SNAKES, CARS WASHED AWAY; people CLING TO TREES. 100 DEAD or MISSING. BRISBANE DESERTED (2 million). SEWAGE broken 'We sorrow & Pray for these Nations': AUSTRALIA 35 Dead; BRAZIL 850 Dead, SRI LANKA 40, THAILAND 68, Pakistan 2,000, Philippines 51, California, Colombia, Venezuela, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, India, China, Europe, Gautemala, Peru, Niger, North Korea Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Egypt, North Korea, Thailand, Niger, Benin, South Africa, Mozambique etc. Prophesied before a live New York and worldwide internet audience. Also, in the book ' 9TH HOUR' released 9,9.9 Condolences.