Another World - Cass sues Morgan, John & Courtney Part 1

Posted: Apr 11, 2009

Cass sues Morgan, John & Courtney. Morgan, Courtney, Lorna & John are served papers sueing the hospital for Ben Michaels death. Morgan tries to comfort Courtney who is freaking out. Lorna tells Courtney not to panic that it has to play it self out and not to trust anyone. Felicia goes to see Lorna and brings her something to eat but Lorna has more to worry about. She tells Felicia about the lawsuit and notices she is not wearing her wedding ring. Felicia says she must have forgotten. Cass and Frankie are on the phone in their office, they hug and Frankie talks to Cass about Ryan. Cass comforts her. Frankie doesn't want Cass to work on this case but says she will alway support him. John is served papers to Sharlene's surprise. She is upset he didn't tell her about it. Sharlene goes to see Frankie and says that they will get through this with Cass sueing John. She won't let this come betweem them.