Top 10 Richest People In History Ever

Posted: Mar 16, 2013

Here are the Richest people in History Ever. These are mega mega billionaires.The 10 people on this list are the wealthiest human beings to ever walk the earth. I guarantee the #1 person on this list will make your jaw drop. Thanks for Watching. Please subscribe, Share, Comment and like. Richest man in history, ever.
Royalty Free Music by When we think of the world's all-time richest people, names like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and John D Rockefeller immediately come to mind. But few would have thought, or even heard of, Mansa Musa I of Mali -- the obscure 14th century African king who was today named the richest person in all history. With an inflation adjusted fortune of $400 billion, Mansa Musa I would have been considerably richer than the world's current richest man, Carlos Slim, who ranks in 22nd place with a relatively paltry $68 billion. Richest people ever, history, richest man, 2012, 2013. Wealthiest, rich, lifestyle, playboy,money, list, samoscarz21, sam, oscarz21, wealth, how to be rich, how rich, Arab, money, Forbes. Top, richest man , ever,in history, man,