Beach Slapped film clip 1

Posted: Feb 13, 2012

Based on the book "Get Beach Slapped" by author Lisa Morgan. "Beach Slapped" is a comedy about three women who slip from reality into the surreal world of Reality TV, while they are daydreaming about reality they fill the shoes of reality TV stars. Beach Slapped is registered & copy written by Lisa Morgan, These women are lovingly referred to as "Beaches", cause if you call them Bitches, you should understand that Reality bites & these Beaches bite back, with help from Karma. Reality collides with comedy as these "Beaches" make Fun of all things Reality or Reality TV. Laugh & the world Laughs with you....but laugh too long & they will put you away! The Beaches' reality checks have bounced & beach slapped them, now they're paying penalties & interest. David Brenner the comedian, has agreed to be a part of the cast. Over forty women creating their own reality after getting beach slapped by reality. Visit the website of Lisa Morgan & buy her book "Get Beach Slapped"