Chinese toddler run over twice, clinging to life

Posted: Oct 19, 2011

FOSHAN, CHINA (YOUKU/CNN) - A Chinese toddler seen around the world in a video while she was run over twice is now clinging to life in a south China hospital. Footage from a security camera showed Wang Yue, 2, wandering in front of a white van and getting run over twice while pedestrians, motorists and bikers pass by the bleeding child and do nothing. The video was posted online, sparking outrage across the globe. The accident took place in an alleyway near Wang's father's hardware store. She was on the ground for ten minutes before a good Samaritan helped her out of harm's way. "I didn't think of anything at the time," Chen Xianmei told local reporters. "I just wanted to save the girl." Chen is an unexpected hero in the story - a street scavenger who may have saved Wang's life. "Granny Chen represents the best part of human nature," said Wang's mother, Qu Feifei. "Yueyue won't disappoint everyone. I know my girl - she is strong." Wang has sensation in her lower body, but very little brain activity.