Unexpected You/My Husband Got a Family episode 15 minhyuk cut

Posted: Apr 14, 2012

Minhyuk Cut of Unexpected You, My Husband Got a Family episode 15
(kiss scene) Translation:
(at the house)
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): Can you give me back my clothes right now?
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): I'm going out
Bang Il Sook (Jung Ah): Hey! Mom's going to say something
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): Don't tell mom, I'm going out secretly
Bang Yi Sook (Yoon Hee): Bang Mal Sook, the good daughter, have fun (coffee shop) PHONE CALL:
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): Hello?
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): Where are you?
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): I'm inside the cafe, Where are you?
Come in Why didn't you come inside?
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): What's the point?
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): What?
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): Didn't you come to return my clothes?
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): Yeah, I guess
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): How are you going home?
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): Bus? Taxi? Let's go I'll walk you to your stop
Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): Why?
Bang Mal Sook (Yeon Seo): Are you kidding me right now?
Did you really come to see me just to get your clothes back? Think about it You gave me a necklace, gave away clothes, and surprised me by showing up randomly.
Did you just do that for fun because you are bored?
Think about it You asked me to be your girlfriend then asked me what I was doing on Saturday
Then you stood me up, then called me out in the middle of the night.
Did you do that for no reason?
I really can't understand (then minhyuk/ se gwang kissed her) Cha Se Gwang(Minhyuk): It's true that we are dating
We even kissed Follow Me: