LA Noire - Black and White - Manifest Destiny - Part 4/5

Posted: Apr 7, 2012

LA Noire - Black and White - Administrative Vice (Ad Vice) - Case 3 - Manifest Destiny - Part 4/5 Played using the game's black and white filter. Feel free to use this as a walkthrough anytime: five stars, perfect interrogation, all evidence collected. Perfect Interrogation:
- The Hostess -
111 Club Shooting Incident: doubt
Knowledge of McGoldrick: truth -Elsa Lichtman-
Army surplus morphine: doubt
morphine overdose victims: doubt -Micky Cohen-
Finkelstein drug operation: doubt
111 club shooting incident: doubt - Felix Alvarro -
informed of Coolridge heist: doubt
Motive for shooting: lie, sniper's pocketbook - Jack Kelso -
army surplus morphine: doubt
ex-marine McGoldrick: truth
arms stolen from Coolridge: truth
SS Coolridge robbery: doubt - Courtney Sheldon -
6th marines being targeted: lie, note
SS Coolridge robbery: lie, Beckett's confession Add me on:
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