Making Of - "Forgot About Dre" [ Part 1 ] - Dr. Dre Drives His Ferrari 360!

Posted: Oct 5, 2011

The Making Of - "Forgot About Dre" [ Part 1 ]: Dr. Dre is seen in the studio mixing Hittman's rap segment , judging the auditions for who will play his girlfriend in the video & driving his $240,000 Ferrari 360! Eminem also makes an appearance in Part 1, where he says 'a few choice words' about the video..! You should also check out our amazing Eminem fanpage on Facebook for more interesting Eminem content - rare videos, interviews & the latest news updates on Eminem: EMINEM REC✚VERY FANCLUB - Celebrating Eminem... Eminem Forever. Again, don't forget to check out our fanpage =)