How to make your Mac Computer run faster, smoother and better!

Posted: Nov 19, 2009

(Note: DO NOT FORCE QUIT ICECLEAN DURING THE CLEANING SESSION.) Hey guys, just a quick vid on how to make your Mac Os X computer run faster. As far as I know, there are no system requirements for this, (ex. 10.4.11 leopard, 10.5, etc.) so it should work fine on all systems. I will put the link and a recap of the video in description, so please rate, comment or subscribe, and check down below. Enjoy, and talk to you guys later. Links: IceClean: Recap: 1. Download IceClean. 2. Open up IceClean and run a "Deep System Clean". 3. Wait until finished. (Note: DO NOT FORCE QUIT ICECLEAN, IT COULD BE VERY HARMFUL TO YOUR COMPUTER.) 4. Reboot. (optional)