Finding Hulk Hogan - Pro Wrestling Documentary

Posted: Jun 28, 2013

Finding Hulk Hogan - Pro Wrestling Documentary In 2010, Hulk Hogan made what was perhaps the hardest decision of his life: should he return to the wrestling ring? For decades, Hogan lived a charmed life. He was wrestling's worldwide celebrity, worth millions of dollars. However, behind the scenes, Hulk and Linda Hogan's marriage was a disaster and financially devastating. So unbearable, it drove Hulk to the brink of suicide. In the face of such spiritual and financial turmoil, Hogan decided to get back into wrestling by becoming part owner of TNA Wrestling--and to return to the ring to expand the company and regain his sense of self worth. This special documents the days leading up to his return to the ring. Viewers will witness the ups and downs of his post wrestling career and how it took heartbreak and debt to help him become a better person, father, husband and--wrestler.