Assassin's Creed 4 - Pirate Abstergo Challenges Walkthrough

Posted: Nov 10, 2013

This is a walkthrough for ALL Pirate Abstergo Challenges in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Side Stuff playlist :- Text Walkthrough :- SET 1
Ye Salty Dog - purchase 3 boat upgrades -
Its a ship not a boat god dammit, anyways simply head on in to Edwards cosy private room and head to the model ship to buy upgrades for the Jackdaw. - sink a ship using the swivel gun -
When you fire a cannon shot at a ship there will be weak points which you can use the swivel gun to destroy by holding triangle or Y. This is easily done on Gunboats or Schooners early on. - capture 3 ships - Attack a ship, board it and then after the fight select send to Kenway's fleet and do this for 3 ships. - plunder 3 warehouses -
'Simply' go to a warehouse area, find the guy with the key and loot the place. Warehouses are located in a few places there is always one on a plantation, 2 in Kingston, 1 in Havana, Nassau and some other places, WHs are marked on the locations icon thing when you hover over the location in the map. - reset your wanted level by bribing a local officer -
I think i did this during like the second mission so shouldn't prove a challenge getting this one, also local officers are the pests who hound you at taken Forts. - drink 5 glasses of rum -
You couldn't call yourself a pirate without getting drunk on one glass of rum. Glasses of rum are located at taverns which are located on Pirate Settlements or the hideout. - complete 3 naval contracts -
Naval contracts are available when you take over a Fort. - plunder a smugglers den -
Funny one this as about 3 dens are marked on the map as shipwrecks, locations are in vid. Just loot the treasure chests in those locations to plunder them. Set 2
Notorious Pirate - capture 5 forts -
All forts are marked on the map, attack them without dying to capture them. - defeat 5 ships you previously tagged -
I always tag a ship before i engage it, to tag a ship press X or A when looking at ship through your spyglass. - sink a ship by ramming it -
This is easily done on Gunboats, poor gunboats. Simply steer, at full speed, into an unsuspecting ship, i mean you could try ramming a Man o' War but that probably wouldn't go down well. - sink a level 3 hunter patrol -
To get hunter patrols spawning you need to go around attacking any ship in sight, after about 50 ships then you should get to level 3 notoriety, marked with the crossed swords above your health. You will need to have a pretty upgraded ship to take a level 3 patrol on since this took me a few tries to get, was annoying when i died and had to go around destroying ships again. - unlock 5 taverns -
To unlock a tavern simply beat up the locals. Locations of taverns in vid. And no buying the tavern at the hideout doesn't count. - sail a total distance of 100 nmi (nautical miles) -
Sail,sail,sail - own 5 different figureheads -
You can buy figureheads in the Jackdaw Appearance category when buying stuff for the jackdaw in your cabin. Set 3 Sea Dog - defeat 3 Man o' war ships -
These ships are only found in 'Hard' territory, or the south as the animus hint says, simply attack them and defeat them to get this. They're not very hard to miss. - plunder 3 warehouses without triggering a bell alarm -
Self explanatory really, just sabotage the bells just in case. - defeat a legendary ship -
These bad boys are found in the four corners of the map and are marked on the map as the red ships, when you feel suicidal simply head towards one. To successfully defeat one you will need to upgrade your ship pretty well, In fact i challenge you to take one on without upgrading anything. - sail a total distance of 300 nmi (nautical miles) -
Sail to your hearts content - plunder all 5 smugglers dens -
locations in vid.