Kirby's Return to Dreamland Any% Test Speed Run (1:46:05)

Posted: Mar 13, 2012

A Test Speed Run for Kirby's Return to Dreamland any% single-segment in about 1 hour, 46 minutes, 5 seconds, starting timing at starting main mode, and ending on the final hit on Magolor's Soul. The video sees to cut here and there, because my camera can only record 20 minutes at a time, so I go to home menu to restart the camera and leave, hence the 'cuts' you see (I cut out the home menus for timing purposes, besides the home menu abuse in 1-1). This run went pretty well overall, considering I only tried any% single-segment runs about 6-7 times total. For worlds 1-5, there aren't any major mistakes, just tiny little optimizations that'll improve through with more practice; the boss fights were overall very solid too (well... 5-5 wasn't that great, but whatever). Obviously, the best probable route for any% is to get Wing from roulette in 1-1 and keep it for the entire game. Wing is, quite possibly, the best ability in the game once you know how to use it... which is the hard part. Its power rivals that of Hammer and Ninja (and nothing surpasses wing's DPS in the air, pretty much), and for those spark noobs, spark doesn't even compare. Wing is incredibly mobile, being the fastest ability in the game horizontally after Snow Bowl (which is an ultra ability), 2nd fastest for flying upwards (1st being Hi-Jump, but barely), and very solid in dropping down, only surpassed by Stone. It has tons of invincibility moves that can be abused, and it's not risky like Fire's burning since you have the option of using dive-bombs (guess what? also invincible!) at the end of condor heads to either kill an enemy in front of you, or gain a block of height. Wing is the best ability in the game, overall. Period. I dare you to argue with me about that. For all of the above reasons, this is why any% is more difficult than 100%. If you lose wing, chances are, the run is over, and there are so many ways to lose it, especially in world 3 and 7. In 100%, you can stand to lose your ability at times since you have to trade around pretty often and lose them for ultra abilities anyways. This is why I'm generally a bit more careful and take slower but safer strats in this run, especially in world 3. For world 6, my main major mistake in the run was losing Wing in 6-3... Fortunately, though, if I were to lose Wing in a level, 6-3 would be one of them, because Parasol is a great mobile ability to minimize time lost, Parasol's ground DPS is stronger than Wings (again, minimizes more time lost against King Doo & Moundo), and 6-4 is majority water, which wing doesn't help in but parasol speeds up a little. The beginning of 6-5 is pre-determined, getting to the crushers earlier doesn't matter since I have to wait for them to open anyways. And a good chunk of 6-5 is just merely waiting for falling ceilings. So in general, losing wing in 6-3 isn't too bad; I probably didn't even lost more a minute. World 7 was pretty decent, but Landia and Magolor were disasters. Magolor's Soul was a pretty decent finale though. If I didn't lose wing in 6-3, and didn't have those atrocious final battles, that's at least 2 minutes saved, meaning sub-1:44 is definitely possible. Otherwise this run is pretty solid, considering I didn't work on it too much yet. Enjoy the run!