Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiacs Official Trailer 2012 成龙《十二生肖》首版正式片花

Posted: May 19, 2012

This is the first official trailer of Jackie Chan's last BIG action movie Chinese Zodiac's official trailer as releases in Cannes on 18 May 2012. Chan says he spent seven years working on the movie — writing, producing, directing and coordinating fight scenes. "For the last ten years I've been choosing the director to direct me. This one I direct myself." he said. "I hope this movie, 20 years later, people still remember it. For me, for the audience, for my future, for my history — it's very important." The Hong Kong-born actor, 58, said: "I've been fighting and doing action films all my life, you've got to find a point to stop. With this movie I'm the director, I'm the writer, I'm the producer. So okay, I think it's a good time to announce that it's my last big action movie.
"I would still do action movies but not a big one like this."