Andy Roddick imitates Rafael Nadal(Very Funny) BNP PARIBAS SHOWDOWN 2012

Posted: Mar 7, 2012

Andy Roddick imitates Rafael Nadal BNP PARIBAS SHOWDOWN 2012 against roger ever imitations of rafael nadal very funnyAnd than federer loses a point.Roddick imitates Nadal while playing Federer at BNP Paribas Showdown 2012 ..madison square garden It's no secret that Andy Roddick's 2012 season has been a disappointment. But Monday the former No. 1 may have enjoyed his best moment of the year on a tennis court. Roddick not only beat Roger Federer he also pulled off this incredible Rafael Nadal imitation. As part of Tennis Night in America's BNP Paribas Showdown at Madison Sqaure Garden, New York, Roddick "stunned" his rival Roger Federer 75, 76. However the highlight of their match and maybe of the evening was Roddick's amazing Nadal imitation - sorry, the video doesn't do justice I'll update when better footage is available. Early in the match at 2-1 someone in the NY crowd yelled, "Go Rafa!", and that's when Roddick transformed into Nadal. Pulling up his sleeves, doing the Nadal bounce, hitting the Nadal buggy-whip, heavy topspin forehand and adding in the audio grunt for good measure. And guess what, Roddick won the point, naturally capping it with the Rafa exclamation fistpump. (Andy did forget to do the Rafa backside pull, although Roddick has his own frontside twitch issue.) Roddick quipped that maybe he should play every point like that against Roger. The match of course does not count in any official way, but Roddick still cracked about his 2-21 record against Federer. "I'm obviously in Roger's head," Roddick joked after the surprise win. "He had no idea how to play me and I capitalised on that. "The whole night felt surreal. I could feel Jeremy Lin wanted me to win tonight. I felt his energy in the building." Federer, who has played in the MSG exo before, was happy with the night. "When they contacted me that they wanted me back at the Garden," Federer said. "I was really hoping I would play Andy. He was my favorite choice. I am happy it happened and I really had a great time. I am hoping to be back one day again." Both Federer and Roddick will get down to some more serious business at the Indian Wells Masters which begins on Thursday. Because of first round byes the two former No. 1s are not expected to play until the weekend. Rafael Nadal is like the tennis version of Christopher Walken: Everybody has a good impression of him. (And he really cares about his watch .) Andy Roddick, in particular, does a great Nadal, as he showed off Monday night during a New York exhibition against Roger Federer. The rolled-up sleeves, the grunting, the frenetic footwork, the upswinging groundstrokes behind the baseline; it was spot-on. The only negative: He didn't play left-handed. Roddick continued the Nadal impression throughout the night, defeating Federer in the exhibition, 7-5, 7-6 (7). Having lost 21 of 23 tournament matches against Federer, Roddick jokingly saw this victory as a turning point in their rivalry. "It was pretty clear that I'm obviously in Roger's head and he didn't quite know how to deal with it," Roddick told ESPN2 . "He's not really good under pressure, as you saw in that tiebreaker. He has no idea how to play me, so I just capitalized on that." Novak Djokovic Imitaions Tennis Impressions Impersonations Andy Roddick Roger Federer Learn the Rafael Nadal Forehand Maria Sharapova Lleyton Hewitt Goran Ivanisevic Snooker and Pool Tricks Shots trixshots Serve Backhand Volley US Open funny Low