-= 2011 Star Trek Online Wishlist - Ideas Old and New =-

Posted: Jan 2, 2011

Basically here's a bunch of ideas and concepts that many fans, players, and developers have thought up and wished for the mmo-game, "Star Trek Online". A lot of the concept art came from Cryptic Studios, the STO Forums, Drex Files, Perpetual Entertainment and even few of our fellow YouTubers! -= All credit goes to the following =- - Minigame Concepts by ThomastheCat (his scanning game concept eventually got implemented into STO! Isn't that awesome?) - Jake Sisko and Data Backstories by pmgerard (Truly amazing video editing) - Territory Control Proposal by Darren_Kitlor (This guy has amazing ideas!) - Vulcan Revamped Concepts & Hubble Telescope Backgrounds by Eurrsk (Me) - Freighter, Xindi, Vulcan Surak, Enterprise J Ship designs by Drex Files - Council Building Concept by Ryan Church - Observation Deck by z-design (deviantArt) - Interior View of Spacedock from Lounge & Tholian - Cryptic Studios - Starfleet HQ and Vulcan Concept Art by Perpetual Entertainment Music - "Toa Vs The Swarm" by Jonathan Kaplan